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Services Offered by The Active Group
  • Customs Clearance
  • Customs Consulting
  • International Air and Ocean transportation
  • USA Truck Transportation
  • Local Delivery Services
  • Global Logistic Services
  • Warehousing and Distribution Services

We have developed and use leading edge technology to ensure our clientelle, that savings can be realized. We are fully interfaced with Customs - utilizing such direct communication as ACROSS and CADEX. On-line Tracking and Importer/Exporter/Carrier interface (CUSTOMSLINK2000) are presently under final testing. Our quality assurance demands that the use of this technology is user friendly and fully tested. If not 100% tested and meeting our quality standards, then it will not offer any savings in time or expense. Our "CUSTOMSLINK2000" System is in it's final stages of refinement.

We offer 50 years of service. Specialists in saving importers and exporters distribution costs, with a 90% success rate. We stand behind years of success, not idle promises. Our expert staff, averages 17.94 years of EXPERIENCE within a Company serving Importers for over 50 years...that is what is important, and this is what SAVES time and money. Your company's business is personally handled, not merely electronically processed as a piece of paper. Your success and profitability through our reduction of your distribution costs is what continues our success. We are partners in business.

It is with great pleasure to offer our service as a Customs Broker and logistic expert. We are pleased as we continuing to expand our services into the new millenium. As a leading customs broker for over 50 years, we, too, have also felt the effects of the world change. As such we have continued to offer more to our clientelle by striving to increase our services to you. We have accomplished this, still maintaining our original goals of being "best" with our customers business being handled PERSONALLY.

We offer, with great confidence to you, the following services at very competitive rates:

  • Full container and LCL freight delivery to/from Toronto ports
  • Airport delivery
  • Overseas full container and LCL imports and exports
  • U.S. trucking for full load, LCL shipments
  • U.S. piggyback, roll on, roll off service
  • Marine, rail and road insurance, all risks
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Freight audit and consultation
  • Customs/GST/Excise/Valuation audit and consultation
  • GST audit and consultation by a leading accounting firm
  • Canadian and U.S. Customs clearance
  • Full Customs/Customs Brokers/Importer/Exporter/Carrier interface (soon to be released)

The above has been accomplished by the amalgamating of several service operations into a blended service. We can now offer a total package without attempting to profess to be an expert in everything. Each division of The Active Group of Companies has established expertise in their industry. Brought together through a network system, and permitting each field of audit/service to be handled by an established expert.

These services can only benefit your present positions, and possibly offer remarkable savings.

We also offer a "commission" system for leads and references to potential accounts. If your lead is successful for us, we feel you should benefit as well. In this manner, we are further networking with you. These changing times with accelerating internet and computer technology offers the opportunity to prepare for the most successful and profitable future. The Active Group - E-mail:

We welcome all of you, the opportunity to join us in meeting this challenge and suceeding into this millenium. We look forward to your inquiries in respect to our services and any questions you have.

The Active Group is comprised of:

  • Active Customs Brokers Limited
  • The ActiveGroup Freight Services
  • The ActiveGroup Warehousing
  • Accurate Delivery Systems
  • Richard T. Shapero and Associates Ltd.
  • Soberman, Isenbaum and Colombo.

We welcome the opportunity to serve your needs.

Active Customs Brokers Limited
The ActiveGroup

Fred Shapero, Chairman (Emeritus), Richard Shapero, C.E.O.

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